Wiper adjustment
+1 on the 'Park' cycle not working. Some English Rovers had the same system. Google it, images, and follow links. Has worked for me.
I have one question: Do you have intermittent wipers. My 1972 has them and I was wondering if this might play into this. When the switch is in the intermittent position the wipers won't go into park. Just a guess.
I will google your response, and I don't have intermittent wipers
Then you may have already guessed the problem is either the switch or the motor. The rest of the system is mechanical and if you disconnect the motor from the arms and the arm have full movement and the rest of the system is in working condition then check the movement of the motor when activated then work back to the switch. I'd start there if it were me and I'd replace the switch. Good luck I hope you figure it out and let us know what you find.
Thanks for jumping right in mrmach1.

Thirty years of ownership is bound to be a great help to us.
After 30 years of ownership with a 72 Mustang there is very little that I haven't had to get my hands dirty doing. I replaced my wiper motor about 15 years ago. These cars in comparison to today's are pretty simple. Before the 72 I owned a 66 and before that a 65. Mustang's are in my D&A and I bleed ford blue. Just anybody who knows me.

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