Scott Drake Boot (Trunk) Light Question
Has anyone fitted one of these to a Mustang that did not come with a light ex factory?
On a '70 (fastback) would there be an unused socket on the trunk loom to pick up power from?
Did the unit prove reliable?
I want to fit a light but dont't want to fit a unit that has a bad rap. I can build one of those myself (LOL).
SD Part # C2RZ-15A700-A.
Call they are very knowledgeable and they are local to me. They stock Scott Drake and are a dealer.

Local Phone:

Toll free:
(800) 732-0076

I've found Scott Drake parts are excellent most of the time, fiberglass hoods leave a lot to be desired though, plan on lots of prep. My hood had about 4 hours prep in it and it still has some ripples.

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