Need of new forum ?
I'am suggesting a new forum. A Garage/ Shop forum. A show us what you have to work with deal. I got to thinking about this after seeing Mach 1 Father Figure's place. It would be interesting to see the shops and garages our cars come out of. Any other thoughts? Joe what do you think??? JTS 71 Mach1    
This is a pic of my shop soon after we had completed the basic structure. I have added shelves at the front, and installed an 18ft wide, double insulated roll up garage door. All in all it's turned into a great shop. It's 24 x 32 as pictured. On the end to the right in the picture we are in process of adding another 24 x 24 for a home made paint booth. that can be taken down, when not needed. I also just purchased a 2 post lift which will be installed where the black TA sits in the picture. My sons and I built it, from the ground up every stick and panel. We even worked the concrete with a few friends help. We started this in 2006 the picture is spring 2007. JTS 71 Mach1
New threads are pretty much always a good idea. I too thought about that when M1FF shared his pad with us.

I shall have to take a few pictures of my space. Just don't become too envious. Naughty

So, I take that the photo you have shared above is your shop space. I like what I see including the Trans Am but where are the Mach 1's? Of course my photo will not show any Mach 1 either. I'll have to take a picture of that as well (a 20' shipping container).
Well we started the shop because I was tired of working on things with no garage, over the last 25 years or so. We built the shop in the fall of 2006 and finished in spring of 2007. At that point I didn't have any of my Mach1's we were in process of putting a 1/4 on my sons 89 Mustang at that point. A lot has changed since these pic's as the TA is gone and the Mustang has gone from a 302 to a 351w, and from Red to Viper Blue! By the way can you tell me a simple way to reduce my pictures so they fit. I've tried several times with no luck. JTS 71 Mach1
I have worked on enough vehicles (and I am now officially old) that even my wife pities me for not having an official garage.

At least this summer I was able to build a carport shade that helps a whole lot.

As to reducing picture size, I am the wrong one to answer. That has been discussed and I believe there is even a thread on the subject. BUT it is all "Greek" to me. What I have found that works for me is a way around the technicalities. I send my over-sized photos to myself via e-mail which automatically reduces their size and then it is a simple matter of saving them at that new size and using those to post.

I am looking forward to other's jumping in and sharing their "shops" with us.

Thanks for starting the thread.
Excellent idea...I am on board with it. I am definitely looking forward to seeing some garages! Although, not fancy by any means, I cleaned it up and organized it today. I will post a few pictures a little later. People find it hard to believe I painted car in it!
Amen on the pretty clean right now! No matter how much I clean it's never enough. JTS 71 Mach1
(10-27-2014, 08:19 AM)JTS71 Mach1 Wrote: Amen on the pretty clean right now! No matter how much I clean it's never enough. JTS 71 Mach1

Clean is only a temporary moment in time!578254
Cool I will get some pics of my shop and post when I get home from work in Alaska. Well hopefully post anyway I am still struggling to post pictures of my body & paint work on my mach 1 but am apparently computer inept. My daughter is home from school so maybe she can give me a hand. just so you can be jealous until I get my pictures posted, my shop is 50' wide by 110' long. I have added a hoist, buffer, bead blaster, sand/soda blaster and sveral shop toys/tools including welder,plasma cutter,engine hoist & multiple stands, Lights, heaters, air system and GOOD filter/moisture system, pop machine with a couple slots for beer-free vend of course. and tons of shelving. just finished a bathroom and large wash sink and am currently building my long term project area & paint booth in the back 50' X 30' that I walled off when I first got the building for cold storage, but now making it into usable work space. Just trying to make you all jealous, hope it worked. YLWHRSE
Yeah the only thing you got that I don't, is payments! 578254 I built my shop for $4500.00, that was electrical, concrete and all, even paying my sons a little something for there help, I have since added one 18 ft roll up door. I bought 2 18x8 double insulated doors at the same time, gave $1100.00 for the pair. The second one is for the 24x24 addition (not done yet). When all is said and done I will have about $7500.00 dollars in a shop 24' x 56' with 2 18' wide doors an overhead loft 6' high for storage, a paint booth, a 2 post lift (already purchased) and I'll have less then $10,000.00 in the whole thing. When I originally talked to people about having a building built (24'x32') They were talking roughly $20,000.00 just for the concrete and building. No electrical or anything. So I figure I did pretty good. 23_30_106 The only tool you mentioned, I don't have is a plasma cutter. Now if I could just get some work done. JTS 71 Mach1
(10-27-2014, 03:02 PM)ylwhrse Wrote: my shop is 50' wide by 110' long - Just trying to make you all jealous, hope it worked.

Okay it worked.Crazy How do you heat it?

I am looking forward to the pictures and I have been waiting for those of the Mach 1.

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