Need of new forum ?
Ahh! I was fooled by the upper case/lower case thing.
As it was all upper I did not relate it to the lower case user name. Duh
I was over thinking to something similar to ROFLMAO. Blush
Hi YellowHorse. What a great intro to motoring. I was in the UK when I got my first car, a PA Vauxhall Cresta. Much bigger than anything my friends had and kept me broke. Eventually moved on to Ford Zodiac IV Exceutive and Corsair 2000E before my XJ6 and emigration to Australia.
Thanks JTS71 Mach1 & Mach 1 Father figure(cool cars mach 1 father fig), Yes It was a great intro to cars and doing the work. I always even from a small boy loved that classic iron and after buying that first Mach 1, I poured every red cent I could scrape together into it and many many hours weekends and long nights. I even worked a deal with the parts store manager to come in after school and clean the store, empty trash, wash toilets you name it and traded time for parts. truth be told I think he got a kick out of how dedicated a young teenager was. Also it probably kept me out of some trouble I might otherwise have gotten into. Very fond memories from it and they all came back strongly when I started working on my 72 mach 1 and both my daughters helped. My oldest spent countless hours helping take out the trunk floor and taillight panel then upon installation, she layed under the car holding a copper welding spoon on the back of the millions of spot weld holes as I welded them shut. All the while with her long hair tucked under a hat and wearing bulky coveralls and gloves while welding spatter and sparks fell on her. Then my youngest daughter helped with the countless hours of initial sanding the original paint off, body work and sanding of that, then primer and sanding again, then fix what I missed and re-sand, then wet sand and shooting the sealer then paint with all the numerous times masking and taping over and over. They were both great sports and at the time were 14 and 15. The time we spent together was priceless and we had many laughs and great times. They both have found a love for the old iron as I have and I am currently working on a 54 F-100 rat rod for my youngest now 19 and for my oldest I wound up with a 73 mustang grande I am working on for her and looking forward to the time spent with them on those projects. YLWHRSE
ylwhrse, Another member with daughter(s) who have a morbid fascination with the unwholesome. Sign0175

Mine is at Uni at the moment (Nursing) so not as much spare time as we both would wish. Her Mustang should be registered in the next few weeks so I will take it on Club runs for her - in the southern summer here. (Suffer Kiddo Icon_tongue)

She has been a real dirty hands girl in the past: oil, pressure washing, burnt fingers soldering - you name it. Bonding at its BEST!!
C'mon guys I can't believe there's only 3 or 4 of us with pics of there shops/ garages????? I mean we have over 1200 members. Is anybody alive out there? I thought this would be a great category/forum? Maybe i was wrong? Nah you all just lazy. Biggrin JTS 71 Mach1
Do I get sometime to cleanup first? It is a major mess right now with the 67 engine out. I will contribute this week after a little cleaning. I would be to embarrased right now to show it. I will post a couple that I have from some cleaner days.

Garage I had built to match the house after we purchased the house 14 years ago.

Garage is 41 x 26. Interior shot shortly after the 72 came home from bodywork
Looks like a great shop. And don't worry about not being clean, heck a garage is suppose to be where you do all the dirty stuff, Biggrin right??? Thanks for showing it. I will get some recent pics of mine when I put up the 2 post lift, hopefully next weekend. JTS 71 Mach1
BKDuna looks good to me. Nice cars too!! Ive been looking for a good candidate in a 67 & 70, but they are hard to come by in that form. Eventually I will get them. Looks like your garage works very well. I will try to get some of mine posted with the help of my daughter when I get home from work in Alaska. If we can figure it out or her I should say I will finally get some pictures of my mach 1. YLWHRSE
Nice shop! As long as you sweep up between projects its fine. Thumbup
    In 2009 I bought the house out in the country that I grew up in. Helped my dad put the shop up around 1990.
Very nice Black Jade.

Great selection of cars!

Nothing like lasting memories of the home place.

Thanks for sharing.

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