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Okay, nothing fancy water, no heat, no A/C no bathroom but has electricity! I am pretty sure it is 25' x 25'. I have my sandblasting cabinet, parts cleaner, air compressor, toolboxes and a welder. It is not a man cave by any means but I really enjoy hanging out there (except when it's not too cold or too hot).


It's not very impressive but it is a cheap rent and it gives me a place to work on my car!
(10-27-2014, 09:59 PM)JTS71 Mach1 Wrote: Yeah the only thing you got that I don't, is payments! 578254 I built my shop for $4500.00, that was electrical, concrete and all, even paying my sons a little something for there help, I have since added one 18 ft roll up door. I bought 2 18x8 double insulated doors at the same time, gave $1100.00 for the pair. The second one is for the 24x24 addition (not done yet). When all is said and done I will have about $7500.00 dollars in a shop 24' x 56' with 2 18' wide doors an overhead loft 6' high for storage, a paint booth, a 2 post lift (already purchased) and I'll have less then $10,000.00 in the whole thing. When I originally talked to people about having a building built (24'x32') They were talking roughly $20,000.00 just for the concrete and building. No electrical or anything. So I figure I did pretty good. 23_30_106 The only tool you mentioned, I don't have is a plasma cutter. Now if I could just get some work done. JTS 71 Mach1
Man that's AWESOME !! And I thought I got a good deal. Truly a brother in law deal. My brother in law was coaching his son and his hockey team and they couldn't get enough ice time to practice enough. So he built the shop - uninsured of course- and put a hockey rink in it and used it for 5 years that way. Then when his son was accepted to a sports high school back east he didn't need it anymore and offered it to my wife and I for what the metal skin and 2x6 wood structure cost him when he built it. So I essentially stole it price wise having not to pay for the concrete costs which if anyone checks is almost as much as the structure if not more. Man your deal is far sweeter!! I then had to insulate and add more lights , plug in ect. But I did all the work myself which saved alot. I got all the insulation, 2 interior doors and sheet rock used from our local re-store four 500 bucks SCORED on that stuff. Took me awhile to do the work though as I was also working on my mach 1 at the same time. The car was ready for paint and I hadn't built my booth yet so I built one out of PVC pipe, roll of sheet plastic and 13 rolls of duct tape. Put some filters in it and ventilation fans and it worked great for a 1 project deal. Anyways glad I'm not working in my home garage anymore and have space to expand. YLWHRSE

Wwell my shop sits on the back of my wifes family trucking business. So I just had to tie into a gas line and run to the shop. It's not very efficient but I have 4 natural gas forced air heaters, 1 in each corner of the shop. I haven't yet but have 4 ceiling fans to install to force the warm air back down towards the ground. Even in Wyoming where I live in winter I can keep the shop 60-65 degrees and not cost me to much, especially when you average it over the whole year its even better. The bathroom I just finished made a huge difference I can tell ya, got tired of walking across the yard to the trucking shop just to use the bathroom or wash a part in the sink. The paint booth is what I am really excited for and to finish. seems like I always have a part to touch up or something to paint. Hopefully I can just keep improving it and adding more equipment. I forgot to mention I bought a high lift transmission jack as my Christmas present. YLWHRSE
Cool sounds like your shop and mine are like our cars, a work in progress and never totally finished. I've toyed with the idea of adding water and a bathroom but would have to hook to the city sewer which is a very long way away and I'm afraid of problems, backing up. There are several other things that need redone, finished, or improved. But all in all its great. JTS 71 Mach1
Sign0175 Did I inspire this or what? Blush

I will post more (here) and also some pictures of my other projects.

In the meantime - picture size reduction 'For Dummies'.

1) Open the picture in MS Paint.
2) Select the 'Resize and Skew' menu
3) Select 'Pixles' rather than 'Percentage'
4) Make sure the 'Maintain Aspect Ratio' box is checked
5) Reduce the top number as you see fit
6) 'Save As' to preserve the original and have the reduced copy.
7) Sent it to yourself to check sizeing in an e-mail situation
8) Repeat as required.
Sounds like a great idea! I'm in favor of this
So, as promised here are a few pictures of my "shop".

Don't go and get too envious guys. Crazy

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Hopefully you live where it's warm !! That would be chilly 1/2 the year in Wyoming where I live. LOL But it damn sure beats working in the dirt !!
It looks like you have a place for everything and everything needs to be in it's place. Thumbup I can remember a time when I didn't have that much. JTS 71 Mach1
(10-29-2014, 12:26 PM)Steven Harris Wrote: So, as promised here are a few pictures of my "shop".

Don't go and get too envious guys. Crazy

Definitely looks like a workable area for me Steve...Remember, it's not necessarily the size or design of the garage that really counts as much as it is the "area" that allows us to work on our cars. I have a friend who is restoring his Mustang in one of those 10 x 20 portable garages on the side of his house. It works!

Also, that must be your son's Maverick, looks good!

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