Happy birthday Steven Harris
Feliz Cumpleanos Estevan:

Me gusta mucho la pinata!

Bendiciones en El Senor!

Pastor Timoteo
Estado Florida
Thanks everyone for the renewed wishes.

Today started out yesterday if that makes any sense. Sunday's are big days of course every week but our church folks decided to celebrate a day early as they knew I was headed out after our evening service.

We had a great day with a birthday lunch fiesta after the morning service. The afternoon was also full and then right into our evening services.

We pulled out immediately after the evening service to get to the border before it closed and then made our way to the west side of Tucson so that in the morning we would be past the city traffic to head on to Phoenix. We arrived at a motel just before midnight to catch some sleep and then up bright and earlier this morning to complete our trip to Phoenix to pick up our number two son who flew in for a few days visit.

We have just walked in the door back here in Magdalena having unloaded our supplies. 9 PM

The best gift this year is that my dad is still with us at 95. He was hospitalized on Friday with a heart attack, released on Saturday and told to report back today. My mom called to wish me a happy birthday at 10AM today but to also tell me that the prognosis looked bad. Ten minutes latter while talking to their pastor on the phone who was with them in the waiting room they wheeled my dad in and said that all was well and they were free to go home.

Happy Birthday to me!

I hope to be able to make a trip back to Ohio in November to see mom and dad and my two new grandson's that I have not yet met.

Thanks for the thoughts guys - I really appreciate it.

By the way Steve O, expect to see me on your door step one of these days:)
(10-20-2015, 02:16 PM)Steven Harris Wrote: By the way Steve O, expect to see me on your door step one of these days:)

Sounds like you had a great weekend Steven.

You are welcome any time, we will find somewhere for you to sleep and I will take you out the back so you can pat a kangaroo (nah only kidding they aren't that friendly but you can check them out over the back fence)

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Turn up in Perth, Steven, and yes, I'll find accomodation for you and yours plus WE have 'roo petting zoos so you can touch one.
Phone me from the airport................
A delayed response as I've been out gallivanting up in Arizona but at least I got to drive my 88 GT twice!

Steve O and M1FF, thanks for the invitation. I'll come over as soon as I can. :)
Happy Birthday once again Steven. Comes around quick hey. Hope you are doing well, have a great day.

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Darn it's that time of year again??? Aready??? Well no matter what, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Lets see add 2, take away 5, multiply by 3, Damn I can't count that HIGH!
Hope you have a Happy One! JTS.
Hey - thanks guys!

I had a great day and our church folk had a surprise party planned for me after our Wednesday evening service. Not too hard for them to plan in that I was out of town till the day.

I heard from all the children and even got a "facetime" from the grandkids!

Another year - thanks for the birthday wishes!
Happy Birthday Steven...feel free to interpret the 16 any way you like!

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Thanks Mike.

Ah 16 - and that's just exactly how I drew my cars at that age.

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