+X% Globes
My opinion:

Had real success with +50 and +80% H1/4/7 globes.

Bought a pair of +120% - nothing to write home about.

Best value for money +80% IMO. +120% $60+ a pair!!

Remember this is light output not wattage increase. I do not believe in using extra wattage globes. Even if you do the wiring upgrades required you still have extra heat inside the headlamp. That will (can) tarnish the reflector and decrease the globe life.
I have no experience with the extra output globes and therefore I can't relay any opinion.

I do thank you for sharing your opinion as I now have a point of reference.
The brand I go for is Nava and they seem best value for money.
I found it interesting that some of their products are Osram, Britax or even Phillips, just repackaged.
Even so Narva are usually cheaper even with repackaged product.

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