Final wash; hoover out and check over for registration examination.
I did the hard work before I joined the Club. Sorry. 578254578254
When do you go for the registry examination? I imagine that is pretty though. Is the first examination more though than the following ones of is each year the same?

Anyway, here's hoping that all is in good order.
Hi Steven,
The first exam is a real bitch but after that nothing. It's going on club (restricted) rego and provided it is kept registerd no more exams are required. The good clubs offer a free yearly check for those who wish to have their vehs checked over. We do have our (4) checked. No penalty for 'fails' but at least you KNOW if your maintenance is up to speed. We also report back (no need to) once any repairs are completed.
So, have you gone for the exam yet?

What big changes were required to meet Aussie standards verse what was factory from the U.S.?
The car goes in early next week, my daughter gets back from Broome Sunday (28/09). She is up there on nursing experence.
Changes for a 25+ yr old vehicle are minimal. Dip left lights (did a QH upgrade while we were at it) and amber rear turn signals were the main worries. Other than that it was general service items so that everything worked as it should. Amazing the bodges you find even in a 'good' one owner car after 40 years..

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