My Mustang Story
Hello all. its been a little while since I last posted. I LOVE MUSTANG!!! It took 45 years for me to get my very first. Family and life always took precedence first, but finally the finances opened up for me to afford one. I picked up my 1970 Mach 1 two years ago. Its life story is.... Born in Metucheon New Jersey for a serviceman in Virginia. He then transfered to California where it stayed most of its life. From there to Pearl Harbor Hawaii where it sat for twelve years. A car flipper from California bought it and I brought it back to New Jersey! I had worked on it for a year upgrading the brakes and rebuilding the suspension. It ran and rode great! Then at summers start this year i went for a morning cruise and a lady pulled out in front of me and you can assume the worst. No worries though, she is in the shop getting the necessary repairs and I'm finishing it off with a complete restoration. I will surely miss the patina and would prefer it over a done car, but when your dealt lemons you make lemonade. Right?.............................................................................. Well the story doesn't end there. I was shopping for a car for my son at a garage and the owner turned me on to a guy who had a 73 Mach 1 flooded by "Super Storm Sandy" and although he wanted to keep it, he was not able to do it anytime soon. I was able to buy the car and am ready to embark on a complete tear down and rebuild. Why you may ask? Well it an ALL ORIGINAL, original owner, documented with all paperwork to include the window sticker and receipt! And as I said earlier I LOVE MUSTANGS! So two is better than one Right?
Ok, I thought I was posting all four picks let me try again.....
ok 1 by 1 i guess
I need help posting multiple pics... im car smart and computer dumbSad how do i reduce the size of my pics?

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Thanks for sharing the story.

Man, those are tough pictures to see. Shock

I guess the silver lining is the restoration and the opportunity to purchase the one owner 73.

As to resizing the pictures, I am afraid that I am in the same "not so computer savvy" boat as you. I have found that if my pictures are too large I can send them to myself via e-mail and the e-mail will automatically resize them. I then use the new copy to post.

I will look forward to the pictures to follow!
You can resize your photo's on your computer using photo gallery. I assume you have downloaded your pictures to your computer. Click on the picture you want to resize and select edit then resize. I usually to 640x480.

If you still have problems let us know.
I nearly threw up when I saw your accident pics. That just hurts to see that - BUT I'm glad that it's fixable and will be back on the road soon.

Get that '73 Mach I - that'll be a fun piece to restore and bring back onto the road. Document all that is there now for good reason. Paint markings and such - I'm not much of a purist but I do think those things are very important in the hobby.
Two gems!! I've fixed worse body damage but never done a 'flood' car. The end result of such an extensive rebuild is always a car you love as much (more than?) some family members!!
Good luck with your projects. 23_30_106

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