U Joint problem
(09-19-2014, 01:04 PM)1973Mach1351C Wrote: I'll add my few cents.SCo_hmmthink In my case I have a c4 in a 73 Mach 1 that should have a C6. I have the receipts from Jackson powertrain that the previous owner had a special balanced drive shaft and tail shaft made to fit my car. It does have a split u-joint (two bigger caps and two small caps but same length) in the front from the new shaft to the tail shaft. This said I was very pleased to see that the shafts and U-joints came from Jackson Powertrain because in Mississippi you can't get any better. Fits very tight and smooth. A split joint is usually used in the agricultural side of things such as high torque application of knuckle joints without clutches. Prevents pinching in crazy angles.

I don't think this was the case in your situation. They made something work to drive the car on and off the boat. I wouldn't trust the setup you got and you don't want a drive shaft busting up your floor and busting your rear end.(No pun intended) If available take the drive shaft and tail shaft out and go to a drivetrain parts dealer and have them micrometer the two yoke and balance the shafts as one or have a proper driveshaft made or refabricated with the right yoke. Maybe the wrong tail shaft or wrong driveshaft. They should be able to fix your problem either way. Best way to make lemons into lemonade in your case.

I'm sorry Noroz for your situation. Hope our advise helps your problems.

Thanks, The shaft I have is a factory looking type 1 piece offof god knows what, could be of a falcon for all I know,
I think I have a part number for the rear offending joint of 2-4900 if that makes sense to anyone?
The aluminium one which I purchaced with would have been the correct set up and yes you are correct this other one was used just to get on the boat as it was bearly holding.
Good advice and I will get those snaps out tommorrow
Falcon tail shafts are easily identifiable. The location of where the shifter mounts is near the front of the tail housing and it have a boss on top of the housing. Almost looks like a handle. If by chance it is one don't throw it away. It is worth at least $200 all day.

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