New wheels and tires
Ok - gotta switch to the Magnum 500 wheels for the Mach 1. Here's what I think I'll order.

15 x 7

15 x 8

Thinking of getting the BF Goodrich T/A radials. I'll probably get the center caps from Drake.

Who would you guys recommend getting the Magnum 500's from? ( I know that through Summit I can get free shipping so that helps defer the cost).

Presently here's what's on it. Aftermarket wheels and 215/60-15's.
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I would go with summit
Nice car but I agree with you it NEEDS magnums
Ohio Mustang Supply
NEW 65 - 73 parts
USED 71 - 73 parts


Free shipping and good customer support really helps make a clear decision.
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While we are on the subject of wheels, someone had posted a link a few months ago on the subject of " how to determine wheel backspacing". If this can be reposted it would be greatly appreciated. I remember it being one of the better ones on this subject.

Thank you!

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