1970 mach 1 advice
Hi all, can I ask people's opinions on the value of a 1970 mach 1 for a potential buyer? Also what should I look for when viewing the car?
Thanks in advance, here's a link..
I look at 70 Mach 1 cars every day on national searches for my old high school car.

If you are thinking about buying this car, consider this:
NO A/C... I cant stand a car without a/c... My high school car in 1982 did not have a/c and I swore id never suffer on hot summer nights like I did when I was young ever again.

Cheap Chinese repro steering wheel instead of the rim blow wheel.

Cheap Shaker assembly (It has a fiberglass pan....fake)
Rear antennae is on the wrong side I think...SCo_hmmthink

The rest of the car looks great.
Its most likely a dealer who will kill you for about 6 grand just to sell it to you.
I've seen (1970)428 cobra jet Mach 1 cars on craigslist for $34,000 recently in great shape.
For that car id give about $22,000 to no more than $24,000 for an H code car.
I forgot to check to see if it had the vin listed but for that car as an M code id go $3,000 higher.

A rotisserie restored car id go upwards of $32,000 to around $38,000.
Depending of how good the power train is and its condition.
These are my personal considerations from what I see in the market place and availability and prices I see daily.
Thanks for the advice, it is an m code, I've checked out the vin,one thing to bear in mind is that it's in the UK, where unfortunately 70s mach ones seem to be few and far between.
Is there anything I should look for when I go to see it?

Just drive it for a pretty good distance and check out all guages on it.
Listen for any strange noises and creeks from the suspension.
Tap the car with your knuckle all around and check for body filler on the body.
Get it on a car lift to check it underside.
The M-Code should have the 4 barrel Heads (check it for that).
It should have a number 4 on the drivers side front top corner of the head near the lower edge of the valve cover.

A number 2 would be the 2 barrel heads.
Since you are shopping overseas the prices will be at least 4 thousand dollars higher I would guess to allow for shipping costs and customs charges.

Happy shopping
Hey James,

Sorry for the delay in a response. (I have been traveling.)

Pictures are always a bit hard to judge a car on but that one sure looks nice. The 70 Mach 1 will be very similar to the 72 that you purchased as far as problem areas to look for. Again - check out the cowl and see how that has been taken care of.

The market for a 70 Mach 1 is pretty high and that will be compounded by the fact that it is for sale in the UK. For the price though I think you should be able to purchase a clean car free of shoddy workmanship.

Keep us informed on how it all goes and invite the new owner along to our site.
I must say, it's looking doubtful on the mustang front, got the marti report and it's been messed about with a bit,colour and gearbox to name a couple , and for $42,000 it really needs to be perfect in my eyes. So I'm going to walk away from it. Admittedly, the 72 that I have on order is also looking grim, it's still sat rusting in a yard, 3 and a half months after I ordered it.
I think the biggest issue is fuel though, as I now need to look for a car that I can use daily, and when premium (98) fuel is $2.50 per litre in the UK, a 351 might not be a good idea.Duh
(09-09-2014, 05:43 PM)schmarnst Wrote: that I can use daily, and when premium (98) fuel is $2.50 per litre in the UK

If that $2.50 is U.S. dollars then 3.785 liters (litres) for a U.S. gallon would equate to $9.46 a gallon. Not for the faint hearted. Just to blow through a relatively small Mach 1 tank would be about U.S. $160.00! Probably not a daily driver.

Maybe a small classic MGB-GT car would be a bit better on fuel and easier to find over there.
Thats high dollar costs for anyone even me over there for fuel.

WOW: I guess if I lived there and had to pay that much for fuel I wouldnt have a classic Muscle car thats for sure.
Maybe a small Datsun 240Z, or european mini car.SCo_hmmthink

For a daily driver I would still suggest the dependability of a newer car.

WOW thats alot for fuel .....cough ....coughHairpull

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