351W Fire up
Well finally got this 351w together and she starts and runs nice, havnt test driven yet, as the car is minus a seat,
Got a question about timing though, I know std is 6 deg btdc, but Im reading conflicting views from 6 to 14 btdc, with the only constant being 34deg total timing. My timing proceedure is correct just want to know what you guys have.

Problem is this motor was anothers project and dont know what cam profile I have either as this would help if I had it, Im running also a mallory ss autolite dist and dont dare to change out the factory springs as I think the vacumm advance will help at least while Im in the start up phase.

Any experience here would be much apreciated.
Good news...I am glad to hear the car is up and running minus the seat! I set my timing to the factory specifications on my 289 which is 12 degrees and the constant at 32 degrees and the motor seems happy.

Since you do not know the profile of your cam, I would do the same and set the timing and the dwell to the factory specs for your motor and see how it runs. Keep an eye on the temperature of the motor, if it runs hotter than normal it could be related to the timing being to far advanced.

I hope this helps.
Thank Mike , Thats prettty close to where Im at now, at around 10, dont want to go to far as to loose any vacc, Ill see if she runs as good on the road as she does in the garage ???+Dodgy
Any chance of a dyno run?
Have you had a chance to give it a run outside the garage yet?

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