Mach 1s at the MCA show
As promised here are a few pictures of Mach 1s and a 2015 at the MCA show in Lincoln this last weekend. We received a bronze on the 69 Mach1 and had a great time at the show.

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Bob Harlan
1969 Mach 1
North Central Kansas
[Image: 1zejj8x.jpg]

Hi Bob,

Great pictures of some very high quality looking cars! And, Nebraska is still as beautiful as I remember it. Go Big Red!!

Thanks for sharing!

By the way...any opinion on the 2015?

Thanks Bob!

Those are nice - I would own any one of them. Biggrin

Yes, any opinion on the 2015?

Thanks so much for sharing. It would have been great to be able to participate.
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Southern Arizona
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1973 Mach 1

1971 Mustang Grande
1965 Mustang
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Very nice pictures. Thank you for sharing.

Not sure I like the 2015 that much, would like to see it in something other then white. Does look better in person then the pictures and I do like the grill and tail lights. I still like the 2005-2009 better, but I'm keeping our 69.
Bob Harlan
1969 Mach 1
North Central Kansas
[Image: 1zejj8x.jpg]

I saw the 2015 at Carlisle Ford show last spring and it was in a beautiful shade of blue and I have to agree the white doesn't do it justice. Nice pictures though Thanks for sharing.

I saw a red 2015 on the Interstate last week and I thought it looked good.
Northern Virginia
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Mike AKA "Rare Pony"  & "Ole Pony"

We'll Be Friends Until We Are Old and Senile. Then We'll Be NEW Friends!

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Never mind how it looks, has anyone driven one of these? How does it feel with the IRS? Did they get it right? The lease is over on my Mercedes this year so I'm going to be looking at cars. Either the C45 AMG or the new Mustang GT are my top contenders.

1971 Mach 1, 1973 Opel GT, 2013 Mercedes C300, 2012 FLHRC, 1982 FXRS, 1972 XLH

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