Tilt Steering Column
First and foremost I want to say a big THANK YOU to Steven Harris for finding this tilt column for me and sending up to Ohio from Arizona. After taking some time to get this thing right I have finished with the complete overhaul and installation of this beauty. I have some images that I took during the rebuild.

As you can see, the installation was a complete success and the steering is as tight as ever.

Sorry about the picture size. I I need to reduce them again and repost, please let me know...

Hey Richard, nice job looks great ain't nothing like a job well done. Yeah the pics are a little big but what the heck. Is that the cluster I sent you, man I sure didn't think it would look that good. Looks like you invested a lot of time cleaning and polishing on a lot of things. What we can see all looks great. How about some pics of the whole car? Good to hear from you, it's been awhile. JTS 71 Mach1
Thanks for posting the results Richard.

It all looks really great.

It is crazy what those things go for when you can find them. I am happy that I was able to pass along a "deal" to a fellow member.

Nice job Richard! The end result looks like high quality professional work.

Steve, I know sometimes it is hard to let go of the hard to find stuff but it looks like it found a good home. Very kind of you to help another member out!
A result all involved can be proud of! Clap_ SSig_goodjob2

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