Getting ready for Mr. Cleveland
Trying to get the compartment and such ready for the engine to come back. I still have to get the wiring looking better than old electrical tape and several other little things along those lines.

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Well that's exciting!

Nothing like moving the right way towards a goal.
Remove the old electrical tape and replace it with non-adhesive wiring harness tape. It's a tedious job but you will be happy with the end result. Now is the time to do it before the motor is in the way. How much longer until the motor is back?
I have some wiring thing sitting in the driver seat. Its like a hose deal split open so you can feed the wiring through and then close it back up.
The engine has been more less ready for a while I could have got it a while ago but some dumb but got some ugly chevy orange over spray on one of the valve covers so they are redoing it. I also don't have any rush on it because I will need to save up some to put an exhaust in. The headers should be done from sandblasting and I will have to paint them also. Lots of little stuff to buy a couple of new hoses and such and I think I am going to get a new water and fuel pump because I don't want to risk my fresh motor with old pumps.

I know the stuff with the split you are talking about...I am using it also to protect the battery cable since I relocated the battery to the trunk. I ran the battery cable though the firewall, through the A pillar, and the down channel underneath the sill plate and over the top of the inner wheel well. I thought it would add some protection to the cable. I don't need a fire.

Well, at least the motor sounds to be ready. I can't believe they got overspray on it. Stuff happens so take it in stride.

Good choice...I wouldn't run an old or used water pump on freshly rebuilt motor. Too much risk there so a new one is a good insurance policy!

By the way, is that the new cowl on your car?

I was thinking about putting the battery in the trunk also, but decided against it. Partly because of the work and partly because once I threw out the old battery pan and sanded the area beneath it to get rid of the rust there were some pitting which would have needed to be fixed or sanded more to get smooth. I already sanded through the wall, more or less. It was the area behind the water reservoir on the driver side. The lid of it was raised up a little so water would slosh out and onto the compartment wall behind it. The spots rust went nearly through till it was really weak so I am wary to get too aggressive again.

Yes that is the new cowl. As you can see I need to get the weather stripping and reinstall all the wiper stuff. I also need to get the vent boxes attached back once I get them fixed because the rubber around the flaps that close off the air flow needs to be replaced. Heck I can go on for days on what I need to get fixed and it always seems like its a before something else that needs to get fixed. The bright side is I still have a little over a year till my boy is licensed then I have close to 2 years to get my daughters ride ready.
She wants a 78 or 79 Ford Bronco (I like the 78s with the round head lights)The 79s aren't too hard to find in decent shape around here and at least she is smart enough not to stray away from Fords.

I completely understand your reasoning not to relocate the battery not to mention the factory generally did not put them there. The cowl looks like it came out really nice and I am sure the rest of the work will come out just as good. I bet you are pretty have accomplished some significant work so far. There is so much little stuff I need to do to my car but at this point it all seems to be monumental tasks that never end. I try to remain focused and not get too discouraged.
Well we didn't die or anything. It took a legal battle to get the car and motor back from the A hat mechanic I thought was a friend, but finally got it back and then my son had to save up money to continue the project. I didn't make him pay for stuff that got messed up with the mechanic, but as the months ticked by with no car or progress his dillegence in saving and earning money towards his car slacked off. Since we got it back he has got back into it and we are moving along. I had to save up some cash too to get replacements for things that were damaged or walked off, but we are waiting on a carb to show up in the mail then we need to do exhaust from the headers back, new tires, fix the drive seat hardware, put in some weather stripping, and I think its mostly ready aside from the little stuff that will probably take 20 trips to the store for.
Only pic I have is when we got the motor in and found out the carbeurator couldn't be saved

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How well I know the 'Oh-dear-now-I-have-to-fix-a-part-before-I-can-fix-the-part-I was-here-to-fix' routine.
It is par for the course. The end resul is so worthwhile though.
Nice to learn of yet another family rebuild. My daughter has almost managed to get the last of the dirt out from under her nails - Till next time...
+1 on the correct loom tape though. Hard to find but well worth using.
'Battery in the Boot'? Can be a good idea - runs cooler - lasts longer. Does not suit every restoration though.

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