Celebrity signatures
Post photos if you have had a celebrity sign you car.

Allan Moffat signed my air cleaner today


Sorry - can't claim any fame in this department.

But WOW - way to go Steve O.

I had to do a research to get up to date with Allan Moffat - what a career!

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I know they don't count but I have a John Madden and Goose Gossage signed football and baseball respectively...but no famous celebrity auto guys. However, I would like a Big Daddy Don Garlits autograph simply for his contributions to drag racing. Pretty darn amazing guy!

Interesting thread...thanks for posting. I look forward to hearing what others may have.
I have a Suzuki Vitara poster signed by Tagima (?). The bloke that won Pikes Peak.
Sorry for the late addition, I went to the Mark Martin dealership in Batesville Ar. where I bought my 08 Mustang and had him sign the Glove box. I was surprised how short he actually is I'm 5' 6" and he's 2 or 3 inches shorter then I am. But seems to be a great person. Unfortunately I didn't get to talk to him much. JTS 71 Mach1

PS, I know a kid who has a piston from one or Garlits Blown engines. When he gave it to the kid it was still warm!

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