Broken clock
Broke my dash clock mechsm todayDuhTook out dash panel sooo carefully to change out a bulb and after nearly 50 years nothing, checked power to it, gently cleaned the points, sprayed well with electrical cleaner, still no good.

Didnt dare do anything else after that, its cheaper that way
Think Ill put it into the draw for a rainy Sunday. Iknow there are pricey quartz replacements but Ido like the clickety clack old ones even though they are very unreliable
I hate when things like that happen. Like you said, walk away from it and pick it up another day. I am sure it can be fixed.
If you do a little searching, there have been several articles on that very subject. It's been awhile since I've seen one but search the home page and you should be able to find some. JTS 71 Mach1
You win some today, you win others tomorrow.

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