Wiring loom
Just made this new tail light wiring loom. The car came to me without one so I had to buy an old one to copy, reused the old globe holders and soldered everything together with new wires from the dash back[/font].
To my surprise everything worked straight offIdea

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Nothing like the feeling of success.

Thanks for sharing - it helps encourage others to give it a go as well.
Looks really really good. Very nice job!! Nothing better than recycling the old stuff. It's cheaper and better for the environment! Bravo
All I did was change out wires one at a time till there were no old wires left.
Going to try to clean up the engine bay wires next.
That's the way you do it. Looking forward to seeing your work on the engine bay next. When it comes to electrical work I have two left hands so I can respect what you have done. Keep it up.
Good work like that always gives a great result. Often better than factory - we have more time. Thumbup

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