New motor bad carb
Well finally got the motor rebuilt after the `Blowing by Exhaust smoke`post earlier.

Started up fine not too loose not too tight, sounds good, running rich though, progressivly worstening, then a massive peak in engine vacc.then stop..
checked mixture,float,pump clearance all good. Began to have horrible thoughts about the inlet manifoldDuhMaybe the distibuters given up, IVE got a new mallory Ill try that.
All plugs are soaked and Im stressing, Still wont go, though mallory ss is firing as it should, firing orders been checked 50 timesCrazy

It runs a holley avenger 670 so decided it must be the infamous power valve, opened it up and found this brown clay like stuff everywhere and the metering block was crumbling apart.
Went online and saw this has happened to others, rang to Holley and gave them the codes, they were really helpful and explained there was a limited batch of poor metal castings that have been recalled. Just have to send it in for verification and they will send me a new carb( not bad huhThumbup

Congrats on fixing the first problem! I am a little confused on what is happening with the new motor but it sounds like the vitals are pretty much where they need to be and you have isolated the problem to the carburetor.

Keep us posted when you get the carb back and let us know if that solved the problem. If it was burning very rich chances are it could be exactly that. I will keep my fingers crossed. There is nothing more stressful than having problems with fresh motors but very rarely do they just bolt in and run perfect without needing further fine tuning.

Good luck.

One more little delay with the carburetor but sounds like after that you will be ready to enjoy.

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Thanks for the encouragement, here are some snaps of the offennding carb internals, not pretty..Its cracked right through to the other side in places. Like I said earlier this is just to show what happened not to put Holley on the spot as they didnt try fob it off as my fault as many do.

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Good deal, glad to hear a Company standing behind it's products, and not telling you you're SOL. JTS 71 Mach1
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