I was around 10 and Dad decided to take his '69 Mach 1 out and warm it up. We tightened the steering gear and checked some fluids and went for a drive I remember vividly. We turned out of the driveway onto a local 2 lane country road filled with potholes and he opened it up. It felt like a Star Trek Warp to a young boy. Then he says, "Well, if we can do a hundred on XXXXX lane the steering is good enough." We came to the stop sign, ready to turn left for our house. Dad asked me if I knew what a locking differential did to which I answered no. He said, "Well if one tire starts to spin the differential locks the other so you have traction and you can do this.." Clutch dump and rpms climb. The ass off the car was going the wrong way for my experiences at the time... completely sideways.

I am a lucky boy.
Sounds like one of those, Get In Sit Down Shut Up And Hang On! moments. Gears God I loved those! JTS 71 Mach1
Love those memorable experiences. Our minds are like sponges at that age and remember all the detail to those great moments. Sounds like you have a pretty cool dad!
Very cool and lasting first impression.

Every explanation is taught best with experience.

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