Baffling sump
Hi Guys.

Im a little stuck with this fancy sump on my 351W 69. This thing I have is a 7qrt Kevko sump and I am not sure how to know how much oil I should have in it as it comes with a different oil pick up and has extra oil provision.
Im just not sure that I can trust the stock dip stick.

Has anybody got any experience with these and also I might add its a front type panSSig_help
Sorry - I'm no help. Sad
Simple if you're sure it's a 7 quart pan. Drain the oil put 7 quarts in it and see where it comes to on the dip stick. If you look at your stock dip stick toward the top you will have a section of the stick that is bent in a wave pattern, bend or straighten this area as needed to get the level to line up with the full mark and your set and will never have to guess again. JTS 71 Mach1
JTS71 is absolutely correct. I installed a 7 quart oil pan on my 66 Mustang. The problem I had was the original 65/66 oil dipstick was too short for the aftermarket pan. What I did was use a later model dipstick which was a about an inch longer. With the car level and 7 quarts of fresh oil, I located the oil line on the dipstick and then marked it. Next I took my Dremel tool with a small cut off wheel and etched in a line which now represents my new full line. For those members who have followed my 66 restoration thread that is why you see a yellow dipstick on my motor which is not correct for the 65/66 (not that my car is correct).

Thanks for the help Guys, nothing worse than killing a new motor because of a silly oversite.Cry_

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