69 flip down gas cap question
I can't seem to find this anywhere? The flip down gas cap on my 1969 is missing the bolt on parts on the inside back. Where can i find the replacement parts? All i have been able to find is a complete assembly with the parts included.

If you are not having luck locating individual pieces for the flip down gas cap at the part houses, sometimes you can locate them on e-Bay or swap meets.

Maybe Don from Ohio Mustang can help or possibly another member here on the site.

Good luck and I will keep my eyes peeled as well.

An original cap would have Ford logo and casting numbers inside
Pretty sure they were a riveted together assembly.

It sounds like you have a repro cap - missing the internals
Suppliers will only sell the complete cap
Plus you need to know who manufactured it to get the correct internals, if you find someone willing to sell them
If it is a repro - you probably would be better off getting a complete assembly

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