50th Birthday Celebration Las Vegas
Here's a few of the Mach 1s (and a bonus Twister Special!) at Las Vegas Motor Speedway last week.


Very nice selection!

Thank you so much for sharing.
Great pics, thanks for posting.
We went to Vegas, it wasn't that great in my opinion, I thought the MCA dropped the ball, however Saturday track day was awesome. My fiends I went with made it fun.

Here's me and my friend in his Roush hitting speeds of 130, and we were just playing around, my buddy John was also low on fuel.

The white convertible and the red pace car were a few of the friends we went with. The banks were much steeper than I ever thought watching on TV.

Photos of Counts Customs.

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Hey thanks for sharing the pictures!! Definitely some very nice cars. I thought I recognized the coffin seats from Danny's show! Big fan of his show.
Ill be adding some more, we went to Vamp'd also (Dannys Bar), here's a few from that. I met Horny Mike and Danny and even talked to Bobby from Sons Of Anarchy he was a bitch and wouldn't take pictures or talk to anyone, he believes hes Bobby in a motorcycle gang.

He refused to take a picture with one of the ladies with us, I yelled at him, hey man your 15 minutes of fame is almost up whats your issue? He flipped me off and walked off and got on Horny Mikes bus, yes the one they fixed up on the show.

You will also see Roli eating chicken wings, he was petty much out of the way.

My grabber blue Shelby with my friend John's Yellow Rousch.

The guy smoking is Bobby from Sons Of Anarchy, hes a dick.
Also known as Mark Boone Junior. I hope he searches for his name one day and reads this! 578254
Cool video and great pics. Was Vamp's crowded with customers?
Very cool pictures! Like I said I am a big fan of the show. I think it is more their personalities I enjoy watching more than the show itself. From the pictures it doesn't seem like the fame went to their heads. They all appear to be very approachable people.
Everyone was very nice, it was a blast meeting these guys, not that they would ever remember me again but so what Awes

Regarding Vamp'd, it was so so. The restaurant part was empty except for my crew, most people that were there seemed to be out on the patio eatin and drinking and it was by private seating only. I had a chicken sandwich, I wont be running back for another one. In my opinion I wouldn't want to be in this place some nights, seems like a very rough crowd could come around here. Especially with the fact that a couple of the Sons Of Anarchy cast seems to hang here and everyone thinks they are badass bikers. I'm not saying I wouldn't go here again, I'm just saying it would be with my Harley and leathers and a 45 in my waist band, oh I had one of those SCo_hmmthink Carrying concealed in Vegas is illegal Biggrin only if they catch you. Law abiding American citizens should be able to carry any place, anywhere, in the USA.

Ill be adding some more photos of this trip soon. Keep checking back.

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