'72 Cobra Jet HATCHBACK
Hi All,
I am not so good at this, so hopefully it will look ok. We are working on our '72 Cobra Jet to turn it into a tarmac rally car, and need to make a whole heap of mods. So yesterday we test-fitted the new hatch hoop and trunk made out of carbon fiber! It weighs ~4.4lbs so far which is already a 10lbs weight saving at least, and with acrylic glass it will be very light, reducing overall weight, high weight and overhang weight!

The carbon fiber work was done by us at home, and we used a vacuum infusion process for max strength and min weight. The pattern you can see in the carbon fiber is the core material we used for extra rigidity - and it will be painted, so we did not waste time and material reducing the print-through.

It will hinge at the top with light gas struts to help/hold it open. It will be secured at the bottom with Aerocatch clips to match the hood.


In the foreground you can see the 9" Detroit Locker and the 4 way adjustable dampers with remote reservoir which will be installed into the new coil-over mounting turrets. The rear end has fully adjustable arms with a Watts link set up. It should be kick ass and very controllable - unlike our previous set up!

I will try to get this complete rebuild from start to finish up on a another "rebuild" forum topic, but I really wanted to share this unique hatchback with everyone today! :-)

We have quite a bit of footage on YouTube at www.youtube.com/user/websimple and we will be including more on the Mach 1 Club pages as we can. Questions and comments welcome!
That is some skill you guys have there with the carbon fiber. I am looking forward to seeing more on your build. Thanks for sharing!
Hey Peter,

Glad to see your progress and to hear from you again.


For those of you not familiar with Peter, make sure to check out his you tube collection. Some fascinating stuff!

Last year I was able to visit Peter and get to see both of his Mach 1's. I am looking forward to see continued progress.
Great job on the carbon fiber. Keep the updates coming.

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