Frontend Fundamentals
A very good addition to the self help library of Mach 1 Club!

I need to reset the alignment of my son's Maverick and this will help me get that done within better tolerances.
Ditto...excellent reference and well illustrated. This will definately be on my radar this summer!
Yep good stuff, been doing this for years. I was originally trained on a John Bean Visualiner, that had been in a Studebaker dealership since the 50's. I was there in the late 70's as a mechanic on Kawasaki motorcycles. After learning what the basic rules were. I realized just how simple it actually is to align a vehicle. the terms can be daunting but once you get it in your head its basically pointing everything in the same general direction. 578254 Good stuff everyone should know. JTS 71 Mach1
Although I was never really did any alignment work myself, all I remember from my days at Town Fair Tire was to "set the toe and let it go"!! I may make you my point man when my tires are snow plowing down \ / the road (LOL)!
Not a problem. There is definitely a little more to it, then set the toe and go. Crazy But I know what you're talking about. The things a boss will tell you to do and you just know it ain't right. Naughty JTS 71 Mach1

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