What's in a name?
During the life span of the "real" Mach 1 ( 69-73), there were other performance-oriented Mustangs offered alongside tbis model: the GT, and the Bosses 302, 351 and 429.

What do any of you think the intended differences or subtle unique nuances to each model were?
Well since you asked. My thoughts are the GT was as is now the base performance model. The one to carry the Mustang name proudly. The price is obtainable by most, which puts a lot of them in the public eye.
The Bosses where intended to be just that the Bosses. I remember an old article, I believe it was in Road and Track about 1970. Between the boss 429 and the 454 ls6 Chevelle. the Chevelle was 2 or 3 tenths quicker in the 1/4 mile, but there was a side note to the article which stated that they couldn't get the Boss hooked and it was still spinning the rear tires at 3/4 track. The author stated if the Boss were able to hook up, it would have outrun the Chevelle easily. Which was evidenced by Hot Rod TV several years ago when they had a shootout of all the big muscle cars of the early 70's. In the end it came down to the Boss and the Chevelle and running on modern tires the Boss was able to beat the Chevelle, in spite of still having traction problems. The Boss 302 was a very formidable Trans Am warrior. The Boss 351 just came along at the wrong time.
The Mach1 was a different approach to performance as I think it was geared toward street performance, I remember many a Chevy freak being scared of my Mach1, simply because it was a Mach1 Just my thoughts. JTS 71 Mach1

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