Sanding & buffing
Well this sorta falls into what did I do to my Mach 1 today. . But in my case it was my 2 weeks off work. Started off my body shop buddy gave me no end of crap that since I "managed" to get such a good job done painting my car in my redneck paint booth that I needed to take it to the next level and do it justice by sanding & buffing my NEW paint??!! I said he was just plain crazy, but he won out twisting my arm and showing me the payoff on one he was finishing up. So like a fool I took my first 4-1/2 days off and ever so carefully started wet sanding the clearcoat, 1st with 1500 then 2000 and finally 2500. If I do say so myself while it isn't shiny yet. . . I can see when I do buff it that it will be way deeper of a shine. I will keep you posted. He also for whatever its worth recommended wizard products for buffing and after care, and from what I have seen from him using them , they are nothing short of amazing. I promise I will get pictures up but I have been busy sorting and cataloging them in order from start to finish. I will pick out a small assortment from beginning to end and if someone wants to see some of a particular piece of the project, just ask and I can post more on that specific piece. I then installed my electric exhaust cutouts and I must say they sound fabulous when opened up. Cant wait for this summer to pick on our local law enforcement folks a little with them. I then ponied up and ordered a set of AFD aluminum 4 bbl race heads and intake manifold and am having Dave Webb the owner do a stage 4 port job on them. He has been fantastic to deal with I might add. Cant hardly wait to get those here, maybe in time for the summer but I am not holding my breath. It's been along time since I could regularly drive it so the heads may have to wait until the fall. Anyway I'm back at work now so it will be a couple weeks before I can buff. More later.

Sounds like time consuming and tedious work, but well worth the effort. Of course we want to see some pictures!

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Sounds good.

Looking forward to the pictures.
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