50 Years of Mustang with Lee Iacocca - Jay Leno's Garage
Lee Iacocca shows off the Mustang 1 concept and the very first pre-preproduction model. Flash forward for an in-depth look at the 2015 GT prototype with chief engineer Dave Pericak.

Thanks for sharing...thoroughly enjoyed.
COOL as usual, Thanks Joe. JTS 71 Mach1
Great little video. I find Leno much more natural and likeable when he is doing his car-stuff as opposed to his talk-show stuff.
Wow, Iaccoca is old! That poor guy looks like he's on his last days. Too bad, I really like Iacocca too.

The new Mustang looks much better to me in that video than it does in the pictures on the web. I like it just fine. I'm glad they pay proper respect to the tri-lense taillights and seperate the back-up light from them.

Did anyone notice that the speedometer was labeled "Ground Speed Indicator"? A little corny...
(01-05-2014, 02:53 AM)Kit Sullivan Wrote: Did anyone notice that the speedometer was labeled "Ground Speed Indicator"? A little corny...

Agree I don't like the head lights. I'm debating buying one when they come out. Gives me 3 years before the new Mach 1 comes out to get it paid down. I wish they made a t-top version of a Mustang.
T-Tops? I think that the days of T-Tops are gone forever my friend, now that convertibles are a common product again. But...a nice one-piece removeable "Targa" roof would be a cool option.

Let's hope they don't stick a shaker scoop or any other out-of-place retro/tribute things on it down the road.
The last car survived on its "heritage" features mostly, and never really made a reputation for itself on its own contemporary terms.
The new 5.0 litre engine is a great example. The old 5.0 "Windsor" was a great engine for its day ( 25+ years ago), but is basically a boat-anchor compared to the new version. The new "Coyote" 5.0 is very sophisticated, with plenty of designed-in ready-for-the-future pdrformance upgrades just waiting to be offered. Yet...Ford decided to harken back to the "5.0" days when naming it. This motor deserves to be known by its own reputation, not the memories of yesterday.
My engine (429 Cobra Jet) was a great engine in its day, as were many other engines (Bosses 302, 351 and 429, 351 HO, 428 CJ/SCJ to name a few) but are archaic pieces of ancient technology compared to today's engines. The new HEMI is an awesome motor, far superior to the "real" HEMIs of the sixties, yet instead of forging its own history, they just co-opted the past for a quick and easy piece of marketing.
I hope they let this new car develop, earn and thrive on its own reputation instead of trying to just plaster it up with retro stuff and survive on memories.
A few nods to history is good ( tail lights, dash layout, grill) but it needs its own reputation. I like what little I've seen of it so far.
Thanks for the post Joe.

Good to see the prototype.
Im glad you guys are still interested in the stuff I put on the site, you guys are true Mach 1 addicts! 578254

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