73 Mach i work procceding
well i have this care completely torn down , engine out , trans out, dash out, steering column out , interior out, rear end rebuilt, brakes rebuilt , both rear quarters replaced , floor rust removed and replaced with new metal, all windows out car body, all paint stripped off and car re primed , all body work complete , car sanded down to 600 grit finish. front fenders off , complete underside painted with chassis saver paint /rust killer good stuff.
inside painted with chassis saver/ rust killer good stuff. engine built to short block , 5 speed tremenic built and ready to go in .
heater air conditioner interior box and cores rebuilt or replaced and re installed , Left to do finish engine and install . build driveline , install clutch pedal , rebuild steering column & install . pull doors and rebuild hinges sand prime and paint jams and re install doors , send car to paint shop for new paint , candy green with metallic base coat, metal flake silver hood striping and original silver striping
Sounds like you have been pretty busy. If possible, please share a few pictures when you have an opportunity.
Please share some pictures of your process and your progress.

We love to see work on these cars and you just might help answer some questions that others have.

I know it will be motivational!
Sounds like you have been busy. Keep us updated on your progress!


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