Fit Late-Model Wheels on a Vintage Mustang
An easy-to-install adapter kit allows you to fit 17-inch or larger late-model Mustang wheels on a '65-'73 Mustang
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Great information - thanks for sharing.

I have thought about it and I might be tempted with the right deal but at present there are other more important items that need attention. First I need to get my Mach 1 back on the road!
I hope opinions are welcomed here!!

It seems a lot of people are moving to the larger size tire and rims on the older cars. Personally I am not a big fan of the look. Although I am not against the look but it is just not for me. I am sure there are things I have done to my car that people are not big fans of either!!

I've got to agree with Mike. I've seen a few that look decent with 16 or 17's they can help fill out large wheel wells, But when they get much above that it just looks silly. plus the issues it creates as far as excess pressure exerted on suspension and steering components. Remember the late 80's and all the cars with the wheels sticking 8 to 10 inches outside the wheel wells. It was extremely hard on wheel bearings not to mention what happened when they clipped a curb!
thank you for the good advice guys router admin login

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