03 Cold Air kit
When I got this car, the the tubes going to the shaker from the air box were missing. The air box itself had masking tape covering the hole for the shaker tubes.

Thanks to EBay I was able to find the tubes. A little polish and glue for the seams they cleaned up well.

I found a JLT Cold Air kit to accommodate the Mach 1 plumbing for the shaker. They also offered the intake tube to be painted the same as the car for a few extra coins.

The JLT air box is really just a heat shield for the filter This makes the shaker look real good but not really functional. I read an article that you have to be on a road with a 90mph speed limit to gain any horsepower from the factory shaker anyways.

This change is really noticeable from behind the wheel. The motor really woke up. Even with 100k plus on her.

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Looks great.

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