Took "Old Boots" to Old Town (Kissimmee, Fl) for thier "Saturday Night Cruise" weekly get-together. About 200 or so cars there, a nice cool fall night...just great all around.
Its about a 150-mile round trip, so the Mustang likes to get out of the garage and run everything up to temp...itz good for it. Did about 75-80 most of the way and she ran beautifully.
I noticed while I was there the car was looking a little shabby: paint was "pinking" a bit, chrome a little hazy and tires pretty drab. So...

Sunday morning I detailed the old girl. Fresh wax, so no more "pinking", brass-wooled and polished the chrome...all glistening again. Scrubbed and detailed the tires, cleaned and polished all the glass, slimed up and buffed out the interior and she looks like a show pony again!

When I was done, she looked so good and the weather was so nice I decided to take a drive. Randomly happened upon a local car show at a mexican restaraunt. Drove in, parked and chatted with the other car owners for a while, and...

I won "Best at Show"! Free dinner for two. I called the wife, she came up and we had a nice free meal.

That car treats me good.

Sounds worthy of a picture!
OK, here you go!

These were taken just after getting her all cleaned up.

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Looks good Kit...No doubt you took Best in Show!!
"A picture is worth a thousand words"

Not hard to see why you took Best of Show!
Yeah, sometimes I feel guilty not giving the 'stang the attention she craves. I get busy with the bike and the Torino, and then who has the time?

But, she shines up like a new penny with just a little effort...I love it!

Thanks for the kudos!
Looks spotless....nice job. Congrats on the win
Looks like a winner to me!

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