!971 Musntag Mach 1 Inspection tips
Okay gang,

going to check out a 1971 Mach 1 with a 351 Clevelend this upcoming weekend. Putting together of check list of key inspection points. I already have a pretty good list, but can anybody give me some input of what they would consider important areas to inspect and things to look for. I've done a lot of homework on the car, but have yet to see it or drive it in person.
If it is an unrestored car look for rust!! Inspect frame rails, torque boxes, cowl, bottom of doors and floor pans; all vulnerable areas for Mustangs.

If it is a restored car still check for rust as well as proper panel alignment. Large gaps and panels that do not align could mean below average restoration work or prior accident. You really want to see straight lines when you sight the car.

I am positive other members will chime in on other areas to look at.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Depending on what price range of car you are looking at will depend on how deep you might have to look to find "covered" damage from age or from abuse.

I would start with a careful cowl inspection. If the cowl is rusted out and they have not properly repaired the rust damage there and are still asking big money then walk away - they have not properly fix any other damage as well.

If I was spending big money for a car I would not want a whole lot of rust repair. Spend a little money and travel to where rust free cars can be found.

If that is not an option then look for quality work - if it is obvious from inside the trunk or from under the car then it is not quality work. If quarter panels have been repaired look to see if the inner wheel wells were also properly repaired.

Look for damage on the radiator support to tell the story of prior front end accident damage. Look at the cross member under the oil pan for "air time" abuse.

Perhaps more than anything - read the seller. Is he being upfront and honest or is it all just a pack of lies. Is he an enthusiast or just trying to make money on a nice paint job?

Anyway, let us know how it turns out and take some pictures to share and the car will be critiqued for you.

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