72 351 cj flywheel
i just purchased a 72 351 cj 4v engine that i plan on putting into a 1958 ford with a 4 speed toploader trans the engine did not have a flywheel and i dont know what balance weight flywheel to look for. any help will be much appreciated
I believe it should be a 28 ounce balance but I cant remember. Any reputable parts store should be able to look it up for you.
thanks ylwhrs. I bought this engine and c6 trans with the idea of putting it in my 71 mach1 but changed my mind and decided to sell it and install it in a 58 ford along with a 4 speed. will the torque converter have any markings or numbers telling what imbalance it is.
thanks .don
No the tc won't have anything on it. The weight is on the flywheel or flexplate.
If memory serves me correctly I believe all the Cleveland series engines 351c, 351m, and the 400, were of the same balance, unlike the Windsors series with there 28 or 50 ounce balance flywheels and balancers. I have swapped several Cleveland series engines around and never had any balance issues and used the same flywheels and flex plates. And they did not have any weights on them that I remember. JTS 71 Mach1
Here's a link I found that may be helpful for you. It contains some good detailed information as well as comparisons between the 351 4-V and CJ's motors for the 71 and 72 years. Based on your information it appears the correct flywheel would be the 28.2oz.


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