351 windsor tuning

I have been playing around with my 69 mach 1 over the weekend
as we have only just purchased the car a few weeks back my son and i
Thought we might put some new spark plugs etc in
As the motor starts ok after a couple of turns
Pulled out the old plugs the plugs near the front were very clagged up
as we went back they were not so bad.
Put in new plugs car starts ok but still shoots flame out of carbi and the
exhaust is glowing red hot.
As we do not have a history on the car from what we can see it has been modified it does have a lot of edlebrock parts etc on the motor.
Would be great to get some advice of what to do next.



Check your ignition timing. Sounds like it could be retarded. Pretty sure factory setting (point ignition) is around 8-10 degrees BTDC.

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Thx for that
I will check.

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