Why I love my Mach 1
When I was 15 in 1981 I saw a car out of the corner of my eye. I had to stop and turn around and watch the car pull into the auto shop at South High School in Salt lake City.

I had no clue what the car was at that time, but I new it was just about the coolest car I had ever seen.

I actually thought it was a GM product! Years later when I learned the history of the 1971-1973 Mustangs, I figured I was somewhat correct.

Over the years I kept thinking about the car. Finally in late 2008 I had the time and money to begin searching for a car. I didn't want just any Mach 1. The trim tag had to be for a pewter metallic Mach 1. Also, I wanted a car I could bring back from the brink of certain death.

I paid $2000 for my car and I am sure there is at least another $25000 I have out in the Mach 1.

My kids and I go to the local car shows and we win a lot of trophies, but the best times are just talking with other car guys.

My car has a very high SPG rating! (smiles per gallon)
It definitely is a beautiful car !!! You should get a pic with all the trophies in front of the car and post it up Eusa_dance I am sure you will win many more to come as well !!
Great story Dennis.

It is obvious from your other post and seeing the fact that yes, you did bring yours back from the brink of death that you do indeed have a great affection for the 71-73 Mach 1.

You have done well.

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