Brake pedal adjustement
Is there a screw or something to adjut the brake pedal travel ?
There really isn't an adjustable rod or screw to adjust the pedal travel on the mustangs that I can remember. There have been adjustable rods, but it seems to me it was on farm trucks and ??? I know I've seen them but really can't remember exactly where. I do know it was a very long time ago. If your pedal travel is incorrect you could have the wrong rod? an in correct pedal? wrong master cylinder? or air in your brake system. Give us some more details and we'll think a little harder. SCo_hmmthink JTS 71 Mach1
Here is a video, maybe just a piece of metal to change, what do you think ?
Sorry but couldn't view the video. Said it was private? JTS 71 Mach1
Same here, when you click to play the video it say's it's private.
Sorry, i made a mistake while uploading. Here is the good one :
The part that shows on the video is the brake light switch. The amount of loose play is to allow sufficient movement for activation and deactivation of the brake light.
Ok so the problem comes from another part.
Here is some photos, but i don t know where to search. Do you have an idea ?

[Image: dsc00310.jpg]
[Image: dsc00410.jpg]
[Image: dsc00311.jpg]
From the last set of pictures it would seem that your major concern is lack of pedal travel (the pedal is too low). Am I right in that thought?

My first thought would be the previous suggestion of JTS71 that you might have the incorrect rod for your car. I am not positive on your year but I know that other year Mustangs have optional length rods (between the pedal and the booster/master cylinder) depending on whether they are power or non power brake applications.

I also do not know personally what the length difference is but maybe someone else will join the discussion who can give you an actual length.
looking at this angle makes me think that the brake pedal shaft bushing might be worn,
Steve is right on some moving for the switch but there seem to be movment in the shaft area too,(back and forth) Its a bear but try to get the switch off and look at the bushing.
I think you said this is a 69 right?
Its hard looking upside down at somthing while all your blood is rushing to the head.

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