Brake pedal adjustement
Thanks for these explanations. To answer your questions, the travel pedal is just too long, but it brakes correctly. No conversion has been done.

It seems that i have a 1968 or 69 pedal brake, and there is a size difference with the 1970 pedal. It would explain the the weird angle of the rod.

On the following site it says : Power brake pedals measured 4.5 " from center of pivot to center of pedal pin 1970 only.

On my pedal i measured 5 "

Where i can buy a true 1970 pedal brake ?
I would check with Don Witt at Ohio Mustang Supply to see if he has one. If he does not he may be able to point you in the right direction.

(440) 949-2556
Help !
Somebody can tell me what is the distance from center of pivot to center of pedal pin on a pedal brake for a 1970 with power brakes and automatic transmission ?
I found the solution : there is a screw in the mastervac to adjust the rod.

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