Brake pedal adjustement
I have power brake with disc brake and its a 1970. I m wondering if its the correct pedal because it should be written "disc brake" on it ?
Did you just change to power disc or are you just replacing old parts?

Pedal to rod angle looks off in the pic - but not a lot

Disc to drum pedals have different rod mounting points - I think at least an inch or so different.

Pedal pads can be interchanged - drum vs disc rubber pads are the same size

I got the car like that i changed nothing.
Regarding what you said the problem seems to be the pedal itself. How can i know i have the correct pedal for power brakes ?
I will look and see if I have one I can measure -

I had that same problem a few years ago.

I have an extra power break pedal assembly that I just looked at and there is no Ford markings on it at all anywhere. Since it came supposedly out of a 69 cougar I am assuming that it is correct also for a 70 Mach 1.

Ohio mustang is correct with the push rod thing ill bet.
When you get that switch out you may find some wallowing out of the bushing area but Ill doubt that it would be enough to make (That much) of a difference.
1st thing I would do is check all the wheel cylinders and lines for evidence of leakage.

2nd thing I would do if that checks out would be to power bleed all the lines with fresh brake fluid.

3rd thing is next to change out that brake pedal rod.

4th thing: Now if that all doesnt work then there is most likely in my humble opinion possibly wrong with the master cylinder itself as the possible culprit.

5th thing I would now check would be the actual pedal assembly itself for possibly being the wrong assembly.

Anyone else have a sugestion then ring in on this one....If I made any mistakes then let us all know.
Good luck.Biggrin
Agree...if your brake pedal doesn't feel spongy it potentially can be a mismatched rod. Check to see that you have the correct rod for your application.
The bleeding as been done correctly, there is no leakage. Could the rod be too short ?
I believe if the rod is too long the brake pedal will be positioned too high and just the opposite if it is rod is too short. An old Mustang restoration book I have shows the accelerator pedal height to be positioned about 4 to 4.5 inches off the toe board of the car. I would assume the brake pedal height would be approximately the same.
Please let us know how you make out.
(05-06-2013, 08:21 PM)tanataur Wrote: Hello,
Is there a screw or something to adjut the brake pedal travel ?
For what it is worth. 1st I would check the pedal bushings as they wear with age ( I even have seen the post that rides in the bushing wear badly when the bushing goes) 2nd I would also check to be sure the brake system is completely bled correctly and that everything is in proper adjustment and good working order. 3rd then make sure the master cylinder is in good repair and not bleeding off internally. 4th pull master cylinder off brake booster and make sure the rod between them is in good shape not worn out bent broke RUSTED also look at the points the rod goes into both on the master cylinder and the booster making sure neither is blown out eroded missing or pushed in. I have seen the power booster lose the diaphragm and will allow the pedal to drop as well. Post didn't say but are the brakes working correctly just not much pedal travel ?? 5 some of the rods were in fact adjustable similar to a clutch rod screwing into itself with a locking nut. I have seen them be way out of adjustment. 6th it didn't say if there had been a power conversion done on a non power brake original set up. So check on that as well. 7th Any parts replaced from other cars ( non mustang ) I have seen problems arise from that also. FYI I had a 70 coupe years ago in high school that had non power drum brakes all around, I converted them to power drum brakes by using a master cylinder and power booster off a donor parts car I think was a 71 if my memory is correct. I had to either adjust and or get one that did adjust ( I cant remember for sure which-only doing it ) that rod to get the proper pedal height after the conversion. And boy what a conversion !! So much better than non power even though it was drums all around. Hope this helps.

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