Biggrin Hello everyone! I have been owning Mustangs since I could drive. I currently have a 68 deluxe coupe. I've had it for about 27 years now. My 18 yr. old son is in college and is just now getting interested in older cars. In particular 1st generation Mustangs. 1970 Mach 1 to be exact! :) So I really joined to help him track one down. He knows he will end up with mine but wanted one of his own.
Welcome to the site! I love the 68 coupe, especially the body lines. They are much more pronounced than the 65/66. I am glad to hear your son has expressed an interest in the first gen Mustangs and the 70 Mach 1 to boot! Hopefully, someone on the site can provide a lead for you. Please share a picture of your 68 coupe in the meantime.
SSig_welcome4 Glad to have you, sounds like a great kid if he wants a 1970 Mach1. May take a while to find one depending on your budget etc. jump in and we'll help all we can. JTS 71 Mach1
Hello Everyone. My name is Dave and I bought a 2004 Mach 1 about three years ago. It is Screaming Yellow and now has 16K miles on it.
I'm the 2nd owner. It is totaly stock , including original tires and battery, except the previous owner put chrome valve covers on it. I believe they came from Ford Racing.
I'm looking forward to chatting about these great cars.
Welcome - I don't know too much about later stuff. Is yours EFI? If it is I guess not Bosch. Who makes stuff like that for Ford?
Hi, just joined, have recently come into the ownership of a 71 Mach 1, 429 CJ. Don't know what else to tell. Oh, it's also an automatic.
Sorry for the size of the photo!!!!!
Beginner photo issues...

With a very few words you have said a mouthful!

Adding the picture - well, I am at a loss for words.
Sign0175 429 CJ. Welcome to your car, Oh yeah, and you. Blush
Many thanks to Steve and Mach1FatherFigure for the welcome. I'm really not sure what we're supposed to do, now that we're here. We kind of were hoping that somewhere, we might be able to (in a completely informal manner) gain some insight into the common issues and pertinent symptoms that we might expect. This is, as you may or may not have guessed, our first, and most likely not our last. Just dipping our toes, so to speak.
Welcome to the site...and congratulations on the car! Very nice find. Great bunch of people here to answer questions if something ever is in need of repair on your car. In the meantime, enjoy the car...drive it, stare at it, bring it to cruise nights to show it off, all of which will bring plenty of happiness! Again, welcome!

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