Hello and welcome Martin! Great group of people here so feel free to jump right in and tell us more about your 72 Mach 1!

Hello, needed the wiring diagram for the '70 mach.
That's all for now, thanks!

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Shout out from Washington! My name is Josh and I am the new owner of a 71 Mach 1. I joined the forum to help get tips and tricks on the restoration and I am very much looking forward to getting this ol' banger on the road.

(04-10-2013, 05:08 PM)rollerpatroller Wrote: Hey there everyone, my name is Mike and I live in Michigan. I own a 1969 Mach 1 sport roof with a 428 cj under the hood. I try to do a little to it every year, I hate to just through alot of cash at it at once. I only have left to do on it is replace the rear end to a possi and I am finally done with it. I am just not a fan of the one wheel peel! I am 38 so I never drove a car like that before and don't really like the rear end thats in it. I am just having a hard time deciding on the right gear for it, I don't drive highway with it so I am not to worried about that. Always open for suggestions and good conversation topics. I will post some pics when the weather breaks and I can get my girl out of the garage! Have a great day all!!!!

The nice thing about Ford 9" rears is that you can actually have a few different gearsets. These rears used to be known as "the poor-man's quick change". After some practice you should be able to swap a center section in your driveway in less than an hour. I used to have 3 gearsets for my '73 / 351C / 4-speed: 3.00, 3.50 and 4.11 or 4.56 (I can't remember). The best all-around gear was the 3.50. I only used the 4.x set at the track with 9" slicks. You didn't say if you have an auto or a standard. You can get away with a numerically lower gear with the standard trans. An auto is more sensitive because you're limited by the converter stall speed. Then again, a 428 in a '69 FB should turn just about ANY gear as long as the cam is reasonable for street use.

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My name is John. Came across this site while surfing the net. Great site.. Thanks.
Currently restoring a 73 Mach 1 "Q" code.. the avatar shown is what the car will look like when finished. It will be as original as possible, but not concourse quality.

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Welcome John.

Nice looking goal!

Jump on in and create your own introduction thread if you would like and share your story and plans with us.
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Welcome to the site. Great color combo.
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Hello. My name is Jack, and I love all Mach 1's. I have owned a 1973 Mach 1 brand new. It was stolen less than a year later. My last Mustang was a 2000 convertible, that I sold to one of my son's.
I am disability retired now, and I am wanting to buy a 1973 Mach 1, just like the one that I had.
That is a 351C-4V "Q" car. Black interior and a dark green/with silver Mach 1 markings. When I can find the one that best fits that description, I will buy it and post photos here on the Board.
Thanks for my membership here. I look forward to being b e very active we here.

Welcome Jack.

You have set yourself a very nice goal. Those dark green Mach 1's are a good color match with the body.

Keep us posted on your venture. In the meantime, enjoy the site.
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Welcome to you all. Love the idea of 'head turning clean' not 'concurs'. When you read what those guys do it is just WAY over the top IMO. Clean and original wins it for me.
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