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I am seeking the club's expert advise in confirming the ID of this flywheel. I picked it up on Craigslist over the weekend. The person selling it did not advertise it as a HIPO flywheel but after doing some some research I believe it may be one. The casting number is C3OE-6380-B dated 6C1. I counted the number of teeth (4 times) and came up with 160 and if you look closely at the flywheel it has a faded orange marking on it. Does anyone have any experience with identifying a HIPO flywheel?


NO clue if this is correct
But the say 160 tooth + orange paint

Correct Flywheel

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66 GT 350 with aluminum T10M-1 and C5DA 6394 A Bell Housing. What is the correct flywheel 157 or 164 toot

Re: Correct Flywheel

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The correct flywheel is cast C3OE-6380-B and originally had a 160 tooth ring gear, 157 tooth is the proper replacement gear. Very few originals likely still have the OE 160 tooth gear.

The HiPo flywheel and standard one are both cast C3OE-6380-B but are balanced differently. Standard ones are fairly common and AFAIK could be balanced to HiPo specs. Original HiPo units may still have an orange paint daub if they haven't been hot tanked and also all the ones I've seen have a Brinnel hardness test mark, as shown on the pics of my original below, that is not on standard flywheels.

Thank you for the response Don...I agree, all the characteristics are there but how do you really know. I appreciate your feedback.

Yes, thank you Don for your expertise yet again.

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