Australia & New Zealand Bound!
Steven is enjoying his trip he says to say hi  Wave to you fellas. He has limited internet access so won't be able to post for a while.
It was a joy to meet up with Steve O (read his post in member meet up).  Sadly we wete not able to get back together today.

Steve O's Mach 1 is very nice in person.  I don't think that the pictures that I have seen of it previously do it justice.

And he brought it out in the rain to meet up and drive!

Tomorrow we are off to Perth and have plans to meet up with M1FF in my time there!

Sounds like your getting VIP treatment there "down under".  You have to be very important person for a classic Mustang owner to take their car out in the rain!  Enjoy your trip and say hi to M1FF!

Yes, absolutely VIP treatment!

I am now in the Perth area ( Australind), and as my itinerary allows M1FF and I should be meeting up!
Today I had a quick meet up with M1FF.

Another generous member although my time was limited.

Thank you M1FF!

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Well done. Enjoy the rest of your trip and Targa.

I shrunk the photo so we can see it.
Thanks Steve O,

I'm working off my phone, so I am limited.

We are currently in the Melbourne airport and should touch down in Hobart in a few hours!

Great picture of Steven and M1FF.  It is nice to actually see the faces of the members here on the site and it is even better to see members meeting up!  Thanks for sharing the picture.
Great picture. I'm glad you are having a great visit down-under and hope the rest of your trip goes just as well.
I am in Tasmania but headed back to Sydney today.

I was able to drive a good portion of the Targa Tasmania route, catch a bit of the action on Thusday and then mingle with the cars and drivers on the lunch stop.

Yesterday I was able to catch up with Peter Winn of Winn Winn Racing - Targa Tasmania Mach 1 fame.

I'll have to wait till I am home to load some pictures.

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