Australia & New Zealand Bound!
Have a pleasent trip, may God watch over you my Friend! JTS 71 Mach1
I called Steven this afternoon and we chatted for around 20 minutes. He is enjoying his visit over here Thumbup
(03-13-2013, 07:19 PM)Oztrailer Wrote: I called Steven this afternoon and we chatted for around 20 minutes. He is enjoying his visit over here Thumbup

Great to hear he is having a good time.
It was great to catch up with Steve O via phone. Too bad I am still so far away from a personal meet.

We are currently in Canberra till Saturday and will head out to West Wyalong then back to Sydney and then over to Tasmania.

Not much time to be on the computer and limited Internet access. I am taking a few photos and a bit of video which I will have to process back in the U.S.

Yes, I am enjoying this opportunity. Thanks for the welcome Steve O!
Sounds like your are on the run! Looking forward to seeing some of those pics when you get back.
I have not been able to catch a sighting of a single Mach 1 or Mustang. Not that I have been out on the road that much yet.

My first day I did get to see a 1970 Falcon GT zoom past me down the road.

I am enjoying the beauty of this great country.
(03-21-2013, 07:44 AM)Steven Harris Wrote: I have not been able to catch a sighting of a single Mach 1 or Mustang. Not that I have been out on the road that much yet.

My first day I did get to see a 1970 Falcon GT zoom past me down the road.

I am enjoying the beauty of this great country.

Snap some wild Kangaroo pictures while your out there.
(02-15-2013, 02:58 AM)Steven Harris Wrote: In the month of March I will be headed to Australia and New Zealand and will also spend a few days in Hawaii. I will be there by invitation of some friends and fellow pastors but will have a few free days through it all.

Steve O and I have been in contact but I will still be over 900 K's (560 miles) from where he resides. I will be in Sydney for a few days, in Canberra for a week, in West Wyalong for a weekend, in Tasmania (I will be meeting up with Peter Winn) for a few days, in Christchurch for a few days, in Auckland for a few days and in Honolulu for a few days.

Anyone that is close to any of those locations that would like to meet up? Anyone have a must see sight or a must try restaurant that I can add to our list?

This will be our first time in Australia but hopefully not our last. It will be a return to New Zealand after an absence of twenty-two years.

Steve hope you have more luck contacting Peter Winn in Tasmania than I am having.I'm still trying to pay him for the carby he sent me but Maybe he wants me to keep my money who knows. I will be in Tasmania in June for my fathers birthday so I will have to knock on his front door. Anyway in Perth next week end is the National Mustang show, cars from all over Australia will be he so hopefully Im not working that weekend so I can go for a look. Hope you have a great trip

Regards Peter Ludbey Perth WA
Yes, Kangaroo's - couldn't prove to me that they live in Australia so far :) I have no doubt but that all of that will change in the next few days as we will be traveling now but so far none seen.

Absolutely Pete. I am scheduled to meet up with Peter Winn on Monday. I am looking forward to the opportunity.

Steve O has forwarded me the various car activity that is happening around my locations but my weekend schedule as a pastor is not usually car show friendly and it looks like I will be in all the wrong places.

Just given the opportunity though and I will meet some car blokes in due time. I have a love for Toyota Land Cruisers as well and have been able to shoot some pictures of several nice examples but then they are proliferate here.

I am blessed to have this opportunity.
Okay - so this update is well overdue but finally a little breathing room although I am borrowing time from another must do.

My wife, our son and I had a great time on our visit to Australia. We spent a few days in Sydney and then on to Canberra for a week. From Canberra we traveled inland to the town of West Wyaong and from there back through Sydney to fly to Tasmania.

We spent a few days in Tasmania and were able to meet up with both Peter Winn and his dad Ian. Our schedule was hectic but Peter and Ian were very gracious in fitting us in. Peter owns and operates two backpacker hotels and he graciously donated a place for us to stay both in Launceston and in Hobart. (If you ever have the opportunity to be in Tasmania, Peter has a very cost effective way to help you stay and see the sights.)

While visiting his dad Ian in Launceston we were able to see Junior #1. I have watched Peter and Ian build that car from their first video and it was painful to see the result of their rollover. Ian says that although racing, accidents and rollovers are not a new thing for him he found himself thinking "when will this be over" during the second roll. In Hobart Peter took an afternoon out of his schedule to show us the new Junior project. We were able to meet his mates who are building the car with him and enjoyed crawling in and around the car seeing what they are doing. It is an amazing project and will hopefully be able to update everyone with progress soon.

I also met up with Tex in Devonport who owned the yellow Mach 1. As far as I could discern there were four Mach 1's in all of Tasmania and only time hindered me from taking a trip to meet the fourth. We also came across this Galaxy wagon and had a chat with the owner. The Toyota Land Cruiser would be my choice of daily transportation if I lived in Tasmania.

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