A sip of soda
I used to drink a lot of soft drinks, diet coke specifically. Joe Thorn had an interesting diagram of the effects of soft drinks on the body. Made me stop and think a little. I also quit drinking soft drinks November 19th 2012.

Definitely something to be aware of AND do something about.

As a diabetic I am appalled by how much sugar soda drinkers I know overload their bodies with.

Good information to help those who are thinkers.
Nice information but not new at all!
If you are counting all these guys thinking that a diet label printed on their food boxes will guaranty them a long and healthy life you will not be finished until end of your life.
If you want to live healthier than now be aware of what you are going to eat and drink. Don't believe into commercials but realize what going on in you environment. All these guys financing ads telling you what is good or bad for you were just acting for your best: for your money. They care a shit for your health.
So reflect with each meal or beverage, if all this fat, sugar, preservatives, flavour enhancers, etc. included in your food will be beneficial to your health.

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