Pretty cool HumanHoist

Pending market surveys conducted by DR Power, The Human Hoist is actively looking for potential investment and/or manufacturer to produce The Human Hoist. (We do not have an agreement with DR Power)
Human Hoist shop chair-as seen on The Today Show and Invention U.S.A. For information go to
23_30_106 I'LL TAKE ONE!!
Got to admit, pretty cool.
Nice addition to a shop - need the shop though.
Can't believe some major company hasn't snatched this up already. Seems to have vitually eliminated the up and down off the creeper a hundred times, we all dread. JTS 71 Mach1
Another guy on my other site says.

"they got a deal to market it, aiming for a cost of $1000.00, did some testing and the amount of force on a normal weight body is 1500 lbs every time you get up or down on a normal creeper, would definitely save a lot of wear and tear on the body, the two guys that invented it have spent 20 years on it and have pretty much lost everything in their personal lives over it"

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