Making new sail panels 73 mach1
Making new panels!

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Way to go ! Hope they turn out great. Whast are you using for backer material? I thought of doing mine with a lite gauge platic but ended up buying them.
Hi! I was at the shop and bought me 3mm woodblocks and use the old one as templates, maybe i they were to stiff because it is a little bend in the rear end. That i know when mountig starts :-)
You could probably sell a lot of those!
I applaud Your ingenuity but question your reason. Sail panels are cheep and easy to find, why go through all the bother when you can order new ones for less the 50 bucks and have them be right.
I would agree that for owners in the USA they are cheap and easy to come by. BUT for people in Norway and Australia it is a different story!

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