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Two things...

First off, I am going to be building an extra 351c on the side. I honestly don't have a clue what it takes and what the process would be to rebuild an engine (like what to ask for at a machine shop for the block, .20 or .30, replacing what items, etc.). Is there a book or manual that someone would recommend for me to read before I start my engine building process? I plan on either a 393 or 408 stroker engine. I am just going to use either a 2 bolt or 4 bolt (doesnt matter if I dont plan on a power adder does it?).

Secondly, I am going to do the whole 71-72 mach paint scheme on my car when I get home and get it paint back to glow gold. I am going to get the bottom portion painted black and with the hockey stripes. I am going to do the stripe kit I guess on the stripes. Where is the best place to get the correct stripe kit? I dont want one that is not correct per factory. Also, what type of black came on the hoods? Was it like a primer type, because I was thinking I want it glossy like everything else on the car. I am going to look at a few more pictures of cars with closeups on the hood to make sure I want that. Which one looks better in your opinion?

I would appreciate any advice and opinions you guys have!!! Thanks
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For the Cleveland advice - go over the the Cleveland Forum and haunt that site. That's what they do and have pretty well tried and proven it all.

From experience Don Witt at Ohio Mustang Supply always seems to have the best advice for quality.

The original hood black color was a "matte" finish. As to opinion - I haven't crossed that bridge yet. I lean factory but I like the glossy look pretty well.

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A basic engine rebuilding manual directly for the Ford Cleveland series. Can usually be found in the back of most magazines, Muscle Mustang and Fast Fords, as well as Hot Rod come to mind. Another place to look is "Hastings" book store, they have several on the shelf and can order anything you want. These will detail some of the unusual characteristics and differences, of the Clevelands. Then as Steven said the Cleveland forum is a great website and last time I was on there they showed several options, as from mild to wild. A little research will go a long way to being sure you get what you expect out of your build. Good Luck JTS 71 Mach1
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Here is a great link to the 429 Megasite regarding the paint and decal details. Mustang Central just completed the paint work on my car and the hood formulation he provided has been updated. Allan indicated he is now useing a Hot Rod flat black for his rocker and hood paint. If you have PPG in your area this is a very good match.

Mustang Market is also a good resource for your stripe kit.


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