Wanted: Front Shock Absorber Bushings
I have a set of new old stock Gabrial shocks for the front of my 73 Convert, but I have misplaced the mounting hardware. I can reuse my old washers and nuts, but the rubber grommets (bushings) are dry rotted on the existing shocks.

I checked Ohio Mustang, CJ Pony parts, and a few other vendors but no one offers the rubber grommets or mounting hardware separate.

Anyone have any extra rubber shock grommets?

[Image: DSCF4341.jpg]
Although I don't have these parts your looking for you might want to try a friend of mine here named Marlon Mitchell http://fly-ford.com/index.html

Hes a good guy and has a sweet Mustang just not a Mach 1, but it is very nice just the same.
Wonder if you went to a local parts store and asked to look at different stlye Sway bar link kits if you would find the proper sized bushing. I am thinking a Sway Bar link for a 88-98 K1500 Chev Truck, 1978-1981 Chev Malibu,

[Image: sway_bar_linkage.jpg]

Chev Venture Van, might even get lucky with a Sway Bar link from a older Mustang but doubt they would stock that.

The power asist Rod on my 70 Stang use's something simular that might work.....I don't remember where I purchased the replacement bushings from.
Sounds like some good ideas. I did get a lead on The Mustangbarn.com, they sell a hardware kit for the front shocks for $3.95. I'm going to call them tomorrow to see if that comes with the bushing. Thanks
This should be a pretty common piece. Check Rockauto.com
I called the Mustang Barn and they said they could not get the 71 to 73 bushings and hardware kits anymore.

I'll give Rockauto a try.
RE: Wanted: Front Shock Absorber Bushings
Although I don't have these parts your looking for you might want to try a friend of mine here named Marlon Mitchell http://fly-ford.com/index.html

Hes a good guy and has a sweet Mustang just not a Mach 1, but it is very nice just the same.

This is the guy talked about in this article by Mustang Monthly

Try Private Messaging him
OK this is great rather then post a new topic.i was wondering why when i jack my 73 up in the air these rubber bushings get squished to death.and hey why don't you have me make you a set.i have access to a machine shop and could probly find something kinda rubber like.i can turn rubber but its needs to be froze with liquid nitrogen.dont have that.oh im sorry i will have to look for bushing i know i just replaced with something like stock .but like i said they are done from jacking car up.
Thanks for bumping this thread.

While I could not find them before at Rock Auto, I just recently learned Rock Auto actually does have them. They are made by Monroe, Part number P1137. Only 65 cents for one kit, but then add shipping.

Bumping an old thread Biggrin

Is there anything to centre the shaft of the shock where it mounts at the top? Since I have had mine the shaft has moved inwards towards the motor. I have jacked up and loosened then centered but they move inwards again. Is my shock missing something to stop the threaded shaft from moving? Is there a parts diagram of the washers, bushings etc somewhere to have a look at?

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